About Dustwrappers

Dustwrapper - “The paper jacket, more or less adorned, which is wrapped round most modern books to protect the cloth covers in transit between the publisher and the reader.” - ABC for Book Collectors, by John Carter, 7th Ed., Oak Knoll Press, 1997


Dustwrappers - “An online purveyor of quality used and rare books, including those issued without dustwrappers.” - Dustwrappers Books

Dustwrappers is owned by James Felton and Linda Ahern and is located in New Westminster, B.C., on Canada's West Coast. We're just above Seattle and well below the Arctic Circle, and far, far west of Ottawa, New York and Toronto. Look for the prettiest region in British Columbia, where mountains meet the sea and you can both ski and scuba-dive in winter, and that's where we're at.

We've been in business since 1998. We're voracious readers and collectors of fine literature. Books that inspire us, challenge us, make us laugh, rage or cry, and always provoke us find room on our shelves. And the world is full of such books, isn't it?
Over the years we've grown into a online bookstore with thousands of volumes of hard and not-so-hard-to-find books. Our goal has been simple: buy books that we like and that we believe our customers will like. We grade conservatively, price fairly and ship promptly. We're very much into customer service because that's what we expect too.

If you know what you want or what you're looking for, email us at: [email protected]